Nashville season 6 episode 13 preview: Deacon’s debate over forgiveness

Nashville season 6 episode 13 is coming up on CMT in just one week’s time and based on some of the latest information that is out there about it, there are a few different things that are worth noting about it. For starters, the series is going to continue to look at difficult issues and ask tough questions near the end of its run. Just because we’re starting to watch the series wind down doesn’t mean that we’re going to see the writers pump the breaks. Instead, one of the purposes with the Deacon story in particular seems to be figuring out a way to tie up some significant loose ends in order to ensure that the character feels like his journey is whole at the end.

We applaud the writers for going bold, and we only hope now that some of that momentum continues as the series finale is right around the corner.

Below, the Nashville season 6 episode 13 synopsis offers up some additional insight right now on the subject of what lies ahead:

Scarlett tries to help Sean but he questions her motivations. Deacon deals with forgiveness and a new family dynamic when a visitor comes to stay.

For Scarlett, it of course makes some sense for her to do everything that she can to help Sean just because she knows he is hurting. But, is that the only reason that she is doing it? It’s not unheard of for someone to seek some sort of absolution for themselves while in the process of doing something for others and this is one of the many interesting things that should be thought about / considered as we get deeper into this installment. In general, though, this one should offer up a perfect amount of personal insight, and hopefully also give some other characters like Maddie and Juliette a little time in the spotlight, as well. This is one of the things that does need to be remembered almost constantly with Nashville — this is a show that has a lot of different balls constantly in the air. Trying to keep up with all of them can be a challenge.

What do you want to see when it comes to Nashville season 6 episode 13? Share some of your thoughts and hopes right now in the attached comments!

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