Cloak & Dagger episode 5 review: Who is Ivan Hess?

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Going into Cloak & Dagger episode 5, we anticipated that there would be a number of different surprises — yet, we didn’t quite imagine just what of surprises we were going to be seeing.

Ultimately, the closing minutes of the episode introduced the name Ivan Hess and his daughter Mina — two people who may have a great deal to do with Nathan Bowen. Ivan’s name was on the schematics alongside Tandy’s father, and after an “accident,” Mina claims that Roxxon did their part in order to pay for her education and eventually continue to make her father’s dreams into a reality — finding a way to generate energy from under the earth. There is still so much that we do not know about the oceans and, with that, there is some room for exploration here.

Yet, none of this information constitutes as stuff in the slightest that Tandy should care about, given that her father is gone and she hasn’t exactly been the recipient of a great deal of opportunities. Instead, she just finds herself scrambling and despite to find some sort of information that she can cling to. She spent most of the episode undercover in hopes of finding answers — in the end, this is seemingly what she got.

Meanwhile, for Tyrone this week he also learned more about the relationship between Tandy’s powers and his own — namely, what she was doing ended up having a role on some of what he was doing out on the basketball court. This dynamic led to many an interesting event during his game, one that he actually lost on a last-second shot.

On the surface, though, Tyrone still has a good bit going for him in terms of a good family, a love interest, and a good education. Yet, he still knows that something is terribly wrong and that there are matters that he will still need to contend with. We, in some ways, consider this episode the end to the normal part of his life since he got to the point that mattered the most in his high school basketball career: The championship game. What’s left after that? Based on his vision at the end of the episode, it’s pretty clear that he is harboring some information that could prove valuable.

CarterMatt Verdict

Cloak & Dagger episode 5 continued the show’s excellent tradition of great programming, while also reminding us that O’Reilly is far from your average detective (that scene in the cop car, for example!) and that we’re still far from the end of the journey. As it is, though, this is a show that is clearly moving in a positive direction.

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