Big Brother 20 premiere ratings; thoughts on Sam – robot twist

Big Brother 20 premiereThe Big Brother 20 premiere ratings are in, and we can’t exactly say that every single aspect of them is good news for the folks over at CBS. Yet, there’s still a ton for the network to be excited about.

Overall, the series managed to draw a fairly-impressive 1.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic for the episode Wednesday night. While technically this does mark the lowest-rated premiere that we’ve seen for the series, that seems to be more of a result of natural live viewing trends than any sort of indictment on the show. We do think that this past season was a downer year for the show but even with that said, there’s a lot still to be happy about going into season 20 and Big Brother fans typically don’t hold bad years against the show. For example, it’s not as though much of the audience ended up bailing after Big Brother 15 and there were parts of it that were downright insufferable.

What we actually want to focus on more so than anything else is simply this: Sam’s robot “costume,” which is really just her having to steer around a machine with a smiley face on it. We have so many questions still! For example, where does she go while she’s steering the robot? If we had to guess, we would say that she’s up in the room where the Den of Temptation was previously on the show doing this. It feels too inconvenient for her to be off somewhere in the Diary Room.

Beyond just that, though, this may be our personal favorite costume-related twist ever, mostly because it is not just forcing someone to wear a silly outfit. It’s actually playing into the technology theme and also presenting a different sort of challenge for Sam. It’s probably even funnier that the robot recipient is someone in Sam who lives in a trailer in her mom’s yard and is as technology-averse as anyone in the house.

The irony here is that Sam’s punishment is likely her reward, as we anticipate America is going to give her the first reward via the BB App Store twist.

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