Code Black season 3 episode 10 review: Could Leanne lose Ariel?

Code Black LogoCode Black season 3 episode 10 started off with many of the show’s main characters in a bit of a dark place. For Ethan Willis, that included him learning some hard news about his brother, while also being disowned in the process from his father. Meanwhile, for Leanne she had to figure out a way to be there for Ariel while also continuing onward with her job.

We were actually somewhat surprised that the show didn’t feature Ariel all that much this week; instead, the primary order of business was treating a particularly high-profile patient who was involved in a secret relationship with a man. This was a difficult situation on all around — the doctors had to take on the case itself, while at the same time handling all of the people delivering gifts outside.

Meanwhile, Willis was struggling to allow Rox to see even the slightest bit of vulnerability following what happened. He refused to allow her to help him when he could’ve really used it, and because of that, she decided that she was better of quitting than continuing to deal with someone who was continuing to push her away. Interestingly, it was actually one of Ethan’s patients who helped him to see the light and better understand the error of some of his ways. She helped him to see more that his father was trying to protect his brother; eventually, he may be able to find a source of healing and get better. Rox can be there with him for that, of course if he allows that to happen.

Eventually, we did get a chance to see a moment between Ariel and Leanne at the end of the episode, and that’s where things started to get intense again. Ariel’s starting to become fearful that she could be taken from her, and Leanne told her the truth: She’s not sure that she will be able to keep her. She is going to do everything that she can in order to fight for her, but a custody battle could be coming. We know that Leanne is interested in fighting for her, but will that really be enough? That’s something that we’ll have to get the answers on down the road.

CarterMatt Verdict

Code Black season 3 episode 10 can be best described as an episode in transition, given that much of it served the purpose of getting us from point A to point B. Luckily, most of the storytelling along the way was effective since we’re now closer to getting Ethan to see the light. Meanwhile, Leanne has a challenge ahead of her with Ariel, but despite the setbacks we remain confident she will overcome.

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