Reverie episode 5 review: Answers in a dream world

Reverie episode 2What happened on Reverie episode 5 served as another great reminder that this show, when it is firing on all cylinders, can be exceptionally creative. One of the questions we had after the pilot is how they were going to be able to continue the Reverie concept week after week, and if we’d just be seeing Mara Kent travel into people’s dreams to pull them out.

Yet, what was different this week was that the entire Onira Tech organization was faced with an ethical dilemma: Having to effectively create a Reverie for a coma patient who never consented to the program in the first place. This came at the request of Monica Shaw, who wanted to figure out who was the responsible party in a bombing that claimed the lives of dozens of people. The patient was one of the only people who would know the true identity of Silas, who was pointed out to be a responsible party in what happened.

How the show constructed this story was fascinating, especially when it comes to how the patient (whose real name was Ashley and she was impersonating another security guard at the time of the attack) was involved, but not really aware of the aftereffects of what she would be doing. Once she started to realize the truth, even in her comatose Reverie state she wanted to do what she could to help prevent future attacks from happening. In the end, she was able to do just that! We saw Ashley being a hero to others, but unfortunately, we did not end up seeing her come out of this alive. She dies a hero, and everyone from Mara to Alexis took something away from this mission. For Alexis in particular, she realized that she couldn’t just bury her head in the sand when it came to the inner workings of her company and just focus on code. It was an important lesson for her to have.

Now, moving forward, we know that there’s another positive application for Reverie to save lives — whether or not this show continues this approach, however, remains to be seen.

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode, creatively, was somewhat of a mixed bag. While the entire story presented was effective, there was also a real absence of much of the mythology that had been built up so far, especially when it comes to Mara’s mental state and also Oliver’s warnings about the dangers of the company. For this episode, it felt like almost everything was on pause and that the Omira Tech people were 100% the good guys. There was nothing else to worry about. Whether or not this is accurate still remains to be seen.

This was a good episode, but it would’ve been nice to get a few updates as to some other stories along the way.

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