The Resident character spotlight: how can the show use Nic Nevin in Season 2?

Emily VanCampAs we have mentioned many times before we love Fox’s medical drama The Resident because it takes a very well-known topic and turned it into something fresh and exciting. Its first season was full of surprises and suspense and we loved every minute. The characters have unique backgrounds that have yet to be flushed out. So going into sason 2 we want to focus on one specific character in this piece and how they can be used during the second season and that character is Nurse Nic Neven.

First off, what a character. Nic’s strong personality and determination was a highlight of Season 1. When she saw a problem, she didn’t let it go, she pushed on and fought for justice. We definitely need more people like Nic. So for Season 2 how can the show use her?

Have her fight for something else – As we stated above Nic is a true person with morals and values that she will not compromise. She went to prison for what she believed was right and we want to see more of that. We know that Conrad and Bell are in the middle of a battle and we know it’s going to come to a head eventually. When it does we hope that Nic will become more involved because we know she will fight for what’s right and that’s exposing Dr. Bell and all of his malpractice actions in the OR. Nic is very much aware of Bell because of Conrad, but for the most part she really isn’t in the battle yet. We know that she may be cautious going into the beginning of season 2 after being fired by Bell, she knows she would do it again without hesitation. However, we hope that she gradually places herself with Conrad to try and stop someone way more dangerous and corrupt than Dr. Lane Hunter.

Her background – Now we don’t want her whole life story in one season, but we hope the writers give us more to Nic’s story and we hope they bring her sister back. When she sister overdosed we saw another side of Nic that we had only heard about, but never saw. She revealed her motherly instincts and her caring and patient nature. She was firm with her sister, but showed nothing but love. We want to know more about her and how she came to be this way. Again, we don’t want it all in one, but slipping some hints would be great.

Overall, The Resident is still very new and when season 2 premieres we are going to get an even better idea about where the writers are going to take this show. In other words what direction they are moving toward and we can’t wait. This show is unique and definitely one we make sure to watch.

The Resident returns this fall to Fox. For more news related to The Resident, be sure to visit this link.

This article was written by Samantha D’Amico. If you want to follow her on Twitter, you can do so at SAM_iamXO. (Photo: Fox.)

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