NCIS: New Orleans season 5 spotlight: What should be next for Sebastian?

Sebastian LundSebastian Lund doesn’t necessarily get the most press out of everyone on NCIS: New Orleansbut he’s a critical character for the show. He’s almost for this show what Timothy McGee is for NCIS proper or what Eric is over on NCIS: Los Angeles — a nerdier guy than some of the other agents who can work both out in the field and also behind the scenes at the office. He’s smart, versatile, and inherently likable. It also feels like he’s got the potential to have a really good season 5, especially since he’s one of the few male agents the team has who isn’t in some sort of peril entering the fall.

So what is CarterMatt hoping to see for him? Within this spotlight, we are going to try and identify a few different things that would be rather fun to check out.

Undercover work – Sebastian’s the sort of guy who is always fun to see in this capacity, mostly because he’s such an underdog and not always comfortable in his own skin — let alone someone else’s. The more that we get a chance to see this, the more exciting it could be for us as a viewer to see him hone his skills and prove that he can do this. Also, there’s some potential for comedy depending on his setting.

More cases with LaSalle – With Percy gone, we think that the start of the season is open to some different pairings that we don’t typically get to see out in the field. There’s an odd-couple charm that comes via getting to see LaSalle and Sebastian working together — they both have the same goals, but they’re very different agents and seeing those clashes could make for some great entertainment.

Of course, more backstory – We’ve already gotten a sense of some of this with the story last season with his old high school crush. We’d love to see her brought back, and if not that, how about exploring more of his childhood and what drove him to end up in this career in the first place?

Relevant cases – We want to see the show continue to take on some topical stories, and with everything going on the world right now in tech, whether it be hacking or the spread of misinformation, you could tell a lot of stories about this with Sebastian and Patton front and center. They don’t have to be political, but could be a reflection of where we are right now.

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