Doctor Who season 11 footage leaks — why you shouldn’t watch it

Doctor Who season 11 logoDoctor Who season 11 is not premiering on the BBC / BBC America until later this year, but someone is out to spoil the fun for everyone watching and for everyone who has busted their you-know-what to make the show happen.

Yesterday, the internet started to run rampant with some footage featuring Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor, and we of course understand why there is so much enthusiasm out there for some of this. We’ve been waiting for months to see a teaser or a trailer, and we especially understand the frustration from UK fans fearing that San Diego Comic-Con, an American convention, is going to have a chance to potentially see footage of the series before viewers in the show’s home country. Personally, we still think that these fears are much ado about nothing and UK viewers will get something beforehand — leaked footage aside.

Ultimately, the good news for the BBC is that the footage is being scrubbed from the internet as quickly as possible — and hopefully, that helps to ease the temptation to watch it. We really shouldn’t be all that interested in checking out something that’s unofficial anyways. It may not be the presentation that the BBC wants, and we feel that we deserve the opportunity to watch it when it’s ready for us. They’ve put in a lot of time into making the strongest series possible and all this leaked footage does is undermine it and gives us a less then great quality version as a first look. This is a show all about imagination and being involved in an experience — seeing something that is unintended really undermines that.

In general, Doctor Who works harder than almost any show out there to protect its footage and preserve viewer imaginations — even when footage is released at conventions, they often encourage audience members not to film it. That way, you’re not presenting some shoddy footage that doesn’t capture the full spirit of the series for fans online.

What do you want to see when it comes to a Doctor Who season 11 trailer — when it is, of course, officially released? Share now in the comments!

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