Elementary season 6 episode 9 review: Sherlock tackles forgiveness, loss

Elementary season 6 episode 9Tonight, Elementary season 6 episode 9 brought you a story about experiments, about family, and ultimately, also about devastation. The end of this episode is, unfortunately, one that many viewers out there are going to remember for some time because of the closing minutes.

Let’s start before getting into any of that with Alfredo. Sherlock Holmes’ one-time sponsor was desperate to help his brother, really to the point where he wanted to commit an illegal act on a used-car dealership in order to get the money. Sherlock didn’t want to do that, though this did start to make him wonder about the sentiments that he’s held towards Mycroft for some time now. Eventually, he tried to write Alfredo a check himself, which led to him making it clear to Sherlock that he really needs to consider being more generous on a regular basis rather than being so unforgiving.

Ultimately, Sherlock decided to visit Alfredo’s brother on his own in order to give him the check — following that, he eventually forgave him. He felt a sort of healing after that, and following this he determined that the best thing that he could do was reach out to Mycroft and try to put the past in the past — if he can, anyway.

The case of the week this time around revolved around the murder of a biology professor, someone who was working on a secret project — one that eventually moved into Sherlock and Watson discovering a market for people selling their young blood for older people. Think about this as an experimental, unapproved procedure. To go along with that, this was about someone who felt that these procedures were against all that was good and holy in the world and wanted to stop them at all costs. You also had a man who wanted to prevent these procedures in order to secure his inheritance. Preserving that at all cost was incredibly important to him, and with that, he murdered some of the people who could be responsible for taking that away from him.

The case was closed by the end of the episode — however, in the end, it almost doesn’t matter. “Nobody Lives Forever” was the title of the episode and, in the end, Sherlock came to quite a painful revelation when it comes to his brother — he had died months before, and because of the lack of communication between the two, Sherlock’s broken heart was in part due to the lack of a proper goodbye.

CarterMatt Verdict

Elementary season 6 episode 9 told a fascinating story of forgiveness and about Sherlock trying to find his way past the mental blocks in his mind. In helping Alfredo, we do think that Sherlock managed to find an element of peace … or at least he did before the painful truth about his brother was revealed.

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