Chicago Med season 4: How can NBC series resolve its cliffhanger?

Chicago Med season 3 premiereGoing into Chicago Med season 4, it feels pretty clear that the NBC series has its work cut out for it, especially when it comes to trying to resolve what was a pretty enormous crisis in the closing minutes of the finale. To be specific, we’re talking here about Dr. Reese finding Dr. Charles standing over her father Robert Haywood, right when it appears as though he is in a life-or-death crisis. The argument between the two seemed to lead to Haywood collapsing, and with that, Dr. Charles finds himself in a precarious position.

For Daniel and Sarah, the trust between them has been a central component to the story for some time. He’s struggled in order to let her take on some issues that she’s more than capable of taking on. Meanwhile, she has also tried to internalize some of her own demons. They had started to come to an understanding, but that’s before Dr. Charles was put in an impossible position with Robert. He was forced (due to his profession) to keep his treatment of him a secret, even while Haywood was misleading his daughter and manipulating her with half-truths. To make matters worse, there was also the possibility that Haywood was a criminal — a murderer, to be specific. Dr. Charles was just starting to piece everything together and with that, we don’t envision that he would have kept things from Dr. Reese for too much longer.

Moving into season 4, Haywood’s condition isn’t top priority just because he’s an awful person and with that, we don’t envision him being the sort of character who is really going to be sticking around on the series. Instead, we imagine that the chief priority is going to be figuring out a way in which to get Dr. Charles and Dr. Reese back on the same page again. It’s fairly clear that the two have some serious issues that they need to work through and we sincerely hope that they will. It’s not going to be an easy road for them but if Dr. Charles leads with honesty, explaining his reasoning for keeping things a secret in a rational way, they can get better.

In the end, we do think that Daniel and Sarah want the same thing our of their jobs — to help as many people as possible. Sarah’s a smart person and while she may feel that Daniel could’ve handled some things differently with her father, he wasn’t doing anything to hurt her. This is a relationship that should be shored up in order for Chicago Med to be the best show it can be.

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