Big Brother 20 will (officially) have no returning players competing

Big brother 20For anyone fearing that Big Brother 20 would feature the arrival of Paul or some other returning player at the last second, here’s the good news: It’s not happening.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Allison Grodner confirmed that there will not be some sort of surprise addition once the game begins. There were rumors of a potential returning player twist weeks ago, but that’s cooled in recent days and this is your confirmation that nothing on that front is happening. With that in mind, you can watch the show and just enjoy it without fear that someone is going to come in and shake up the whole dynamic and ride their Big Brother fame to the end. We don’t blame Paul, or other people in his position, for that anywhere near as much as we fault the producers for the stream of returning players. Having those returning players in the early going of the game takes away from some of the authenticity, as these people are all having to adjust to being in a reality show and living in a house together. The way in which standard Big Brother works is that they do have a good stretch of time to get accustomed to life within the house before the live feeds start, and that will stay the same this year. (The game has already begun, but feeds will not come online until after the two-night premiere on Thursday.)

CarterMatt recently spoke to Big Brother host Julie Chen, and she did confirm that past houseguests will still have a role — there will be representation of past seasons throughout the coming months as a way to celebrate 20 seasons of the show; our feeling is that they will come in the form of competition hosts, rewards, punishments, or the like. For some of the superfans in the house, this may be the best of both worlds — a chance to see and potentially meet their favorites without having to also compete against them.

As for what’s next in our coverage, tomorrow we will be back with our annual article that is all about predictions! We’ve spotlighted all of the contestants and with that, we like to think we’ve got a good idea of who we like and don’t like among the players for the win this season.

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