Last Week Tonight with John Oliver talks Mexico border, 7-11, and Norway

Last Week TonightThe opening segment of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is often used to discuss some of the biggest subjects of the day and going into this week, we had a feeling that the same would be true once more — it has, after all, been quite the week in news.

Oliver started off this week with a discussion of what happened with Donald Trump and the Mexico border — in particular, some of the reaction that has come out about his policies and some of the people who have been intent on defending him. This was a pretty straightforward segment, mostly because sometimes, issues are so black-and-white that you don’t need a late-night comedian to break them down for you.

Then, things got a little bit strange as Oliver moved over to condoms and the country of Norway — apparently, 7-11 in that country has come under fire for some recent advertisements proclaiming that people should get condoms to avoid chlamydia, which apparently is widespread in the country. As you would imagine, people in the country aren’t thrilled by that.

The most interesting thing about this segment, though, is what happens when you read between the lines a little bit — Oliver, as a comedian, has really stressed not shying away from important, serious topics. Yet, this segment (which eventually led to people dressing up like certain parts of the male body) was him recognizing that this is a really dark, difficult place to live in 2018 and with that, we do still need a little bit of a break from it. Oliver’s show did a rare thing in actually distracting you from the divisiveness of the outside world for a minute.

Granted, the moment that we got on the other side of that, we had a more serious main segment — that is what this show does, more often than not.

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