Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Peña Nieto, Mexican election stand out in main segment

Last Week Tonight
For tonight’s main segment on Last Week Tonightthe focus was put on Mexico — to be specific, the country’s leader Peña Nieto.

More often than not these days, you hear about Mexico in the context of what’s happening at the border; yet, it’s valuable to know what is happening in the country itself, and there are many viewers out there who probably do not know that or even are familiar with who Nieto is. He’s one of the most-unpopular rulers in the world and with elections coming in the country, there could be many changes. This is a country that is battling high crime, extreme corruption, and a wide array of other institutional problems.

This segment actually played out in a way that was fairly similar to many other segments that we’ve seen about other international elections — with him focusing on some of the other candidates. One of them apparently has an irrational hatred for Santa Claus. Meanwhile, one of the other ones in Ricardo Anaya Cortés loves graphics and plays a wide array of musical instruments, and the other one in Andrés Manuel López Obrador a.k.a. AMLO has been compared to the country’s Donald Trump. These are a group of candidates with a lot of variety among them — yet, at the same time there really wasn’t enough time to get into all of their policies, which is strange to say given that this segment got a significant chunk of the show.

As for the one part of this segment that really didn’t work, it was the joke where Santa repeatedly came out to tell Oliver about what he does the other 364 days of the year. We like to think Last Week Tonight is better than relying on jokes about a beloved children’s figure being gross and lewd. That’s just been done too many times for the shock value to be effective. We would’ve preferred that extra minute to be spent on the Mexican election.

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