The Affair season 4 episode 2 review: The Lobster Roll dilemma

The Affair -After the premiere spent a good bit of time focusing on Noah and Helen, The Affair season 4 episode 2 changed things up a little bit. Sunday night’s new episode put the focus instead on Cole and Alison, who found themselves having a small moment of peace after a very jagged episode full of trials and tribulations.

For Cole, one of the biggest moments involved the status of his restaurant The Lobster Roll, which he was hesitant to sell despite him receiving a rather fantastic offer. His hesitation was in part stubbornness; however, at the same time there was something more there. It was a huge part of his life and he and Alison built that together. He was unhappy with the idea of losing that; he was also unhappy in general, and so was Luisa.

What the show did so brilliantly within this episode was paint a picture of Luisa as an undocumented immigrant in the midst of a gut-wrenching struggle for her independence. While she had so many wonderful things in her life, the scene with the police was yet another reminder that something could happen to her at any given moment and take everything away from her. The writers had no way of knowing that this story would be anywhere near as relevant as it is today, but here we are with it.

Cole still doesn’t seem to have his mind made up about his restaurant, but it is something firmly on his mind. For Alison, she now has different priorities.

Meet Ben

While it is too early to tell whether or not he is the next great love in her life, there is clearly something with him that she appreciates. He’s a mysterious but fascinating man who saved her from a threatening client, and beyond just that he’s someone who showed a real interest in who she was as a person. He was warm and kind, but unfortunately, he was also in the process of going through a program that was keeping him celibate and also sober. They had a moment tonight, and at the end of the episode Ben Skyped her and offered a proposal: Why not meet again on the other side of the program?

We like Ben, largely because he’s very much the opposite of many other male characters on The Affair right now. This is someone who seems to be on the other side of his demons; yet, he is still very much a stranger, and very few things within the world of this show are ever all that easy.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Affair season 4 episode 2 proved to be a fascinating character study, one that was both relevant to life and relevant to these characters. It wasn’t altogether flashy, but it really didn’t need to be. It did its job of being true to the lives of these characters and for now, that’s what matters.

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