Poldark season 4 episode 3 review: Can Ross, Demelza reconnect?

Poldark season 4 episode 3

Poldark season 4 episode 3 promised to be an episode with politics, drama, and also moments that will probably make you want to scream at your television. Of course, let’s start with a customary warning that there are spoilers ahead.

For Ross and Demelza, it’s clear that this episode started off in a difficult spot. He was in London, fighting the good fight and serving as an MP for all of Truro. Meanwhile, Demelza was trying her best in order to hold down the fort in Cornwall, luckily with her brothers still around.

With Ross in the city, he did come across one familiar face: Geoffrey Charles! Remember him? Even though George effectively kicked him out so he doesn’t have to think about Francis, Geoffrey actually seems to be doing just fine. Ross also does seem to be getting plenty of attention from the ladies, though he’s not altogether interested in that. Another problem here is the state of the mines, which he was updated about via letter.

As if this wasn’t bad enough for Ross, he also had to ride on a carriage with Whitworth, who continues to be a greedy tool. Meanwhile, his mother Lady Whitworth is not any better, giving Morwenna a hard time for allowing her son to actually play.

Back at House Poldark, Verity is back! Remember when she was a big part of the story earlier this season? Soon after seeing Verity Ross finally returned home, she really proved to be quite the buzzkill right after that. She seemed to be ready for a happy, romantic moment, and he was a little more keen to worry. They were handling the separation differently, and that culminated with the realization that they may not know each other anymore.

Can Ross be upended?

Ross returned home to see that many of his former miners no longer trust his advice. Meanwhile, George (with the help of Adderley) is working to find some other ways in which to hurt him. This included him staging an enormous party full of important dignitaries, including investors, politicians, and all sorts of businessmen. Geoffrey Charles was also back, showing off his newfound taste in liquor.

While this party was going on, Ross ended up serving the role of trespasser as he (after breaking up quite a nasty brawl on the coast) interrupted the party. After a conversation with Elizabeth outside he’s also getting attention from another man of power in Monk Adderley, someone who we think will be a problem for him.

The conversation between Adderley and Poldark was largely the two sizing each other up, but it could prove interesting still. Imagine how George will feel knowing that Ross was at the party? We cannot imagine that he will be altogether thrilled. Nonetheless, George still got what he wanted out of the gala — a chance for more power, which in turn could mean more favors from the government.

Ross finished off the episode heading back home, where he and Demelza finally came close to reconnecting. They may still be strangers, but they were at least romantic again.

Rowella’s mission

What we’ve seen from her on the show so far is that she is manipulative in a way few others are. She’s also hard up on money, which is why she seems to be turning to manipulating Whitworth once more.

Special delivery

Dwight and Caroline Enys now have a baby! Unlike Call the Midwife, this was a quick birth and it was mostly about what came after the fact. The baby’s name is Sarah Caroline Enys, and the two parents appeared to be very happy.

Unfortunately, happiness within the world of Poldark can be rather short-lived and in this case, it certainly seems to be the case. It was clear that there was something wrong with her when he was holding her.

The makings of a relationship

Rosina, at the moment, is clearly interested in Drake. However, Drake’s interest in her was marginal at best given that his heart still lies with Morwenna. Demelza seemed interested in pushing him down this road; meanwhile, the same goes for Sam. He just doesn’t want to give his heart to someone when he doesn’t have much to give.

CarterMatt Verdict

Poldark season 4 episode 3 contained quite a bit of content, really so much that you can wonder if the story is moving along too fast. we do wish that there was more time in order to track some of these stories. Everything within this episode, though, was perfectly-told and certainly fantastic to watch .. much as every episode is.

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