Big Brother 20: Who’s the likely first boot, based on pre-show press?

Big brother 20
While nobody wants to be the first boot on Big Brother 20it’s absolutely still something that is going to happen. With that in mind, the goal for this particular article is to narrow down the field of possible candidates!

If you did not know, we’ve already done spotlights for every single houseguest, watched all of the interviews with Ross Mathews, and even spoke to the host in Julie Chen. We’ve got a decent amount of information in order to make this decision but alas, there are so many variables that can make this harder to figure out. For example, twists helped the likes of Ian and Josh in the early going of their seasons, as did Steve winning the Power of Veto in season 17. While we all know what could have happened in those seasons had things gone differently, our point here is that a lot of things can influence original targets and change things up. People like Cameron and Glenn are very much aware of this. Same with Jodi.

For now, here are the three people we’re the most worried about based on a wide array of factors.

JC Monduix – He may not be thought of as an enormous threat gameplay-wise, but he may be a little too different for some of these other houseguests. He doesn’t know the game well and is going to command a lot of airtime. He’s one of those votes that could be easy if he’s rubbing some people in the house the wrong way.

Angela Rummans – There have been a lot of models who have gone home early on Big Brother over the years, and with Angela, she could be even more threatening than most. She’s incredibly athletic and based on some of how she’s spoken about herself in pre-game press, we don’t think she is someone who is going to be able to mask her skills. She feels like one of those players who will either be gone early or stick around for a long time.

Scottie Salton – By no means do we want this, given that Scottie is very much entertaining in his pre-game press and we imagine that he’ll be a good pseudo-villain this season if he lasts. His issue is that the nerdy-superfan type is now arguably more threatening than any other — it’s clear that Scottie knows the game really well and if he plans to be as upfront as he claims he wants to be pre-game, that could mean he comes across as abrasive.

Who do you think will be the first boot from Big Brother 20? Share right away in the comments!

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