Should Supergirl season 4 strive for different sort of Big Bad?

Supergirl season 3 episode 13Moving into Supergirl season 4, all signs point towards the series looking to do some sort of version of the Superman Red Son storyline. That could be fascinating, but the largest question we’re wondering is rather simple: Who is going to be the villain at the center of the upcoming season? Who should we be worried about next?

We do think that this is a very good question and with that, we want to issue our own plea to the writers: Look at someone totally different than anyone we’ve seen before. One of the threads that is shared from many of the villains in the first three seasons is that they’ve all had some sort of sense of flawed morality. Astra had her own plans and goals, much as we saw with Rhea near the end of season 2. With Reign in season 3, she was a tool of destruction, but also very much sympathetic through the lens of her alter-ego in Samantha Arias. Once the two were separated, it was a little bit more clear where this story was going to go.

Moving into season 4, we do think that it could be time for Supergirl to really embrace the darkness and over up someone who is pretty much pure evil. We’re thinking along the lines of someone like Prometheus in Arrow season 5 or Zoom in The Flash season 2. this is a series that could benefit greatly from getting a villain out there who really has no interest in anything other than destruction and who operates under their own unique code. They can be smart and calculating, but also incapable of being reasoned with. They also are powerful enough for Supergirl to not take her out easily. It would also be somewhat interesting if this villain was geared more towards Supergirl’s own destruction rather than a larger goal, given that this is something that we’ve seen many times over already.

Basically, we want to see a different sort of danger this coming season and a feeling that Kara really has nowhere she is safe both in the costume and out of it. Reign was by far the strongest villain that the series had, but we do think she was still missing that moment a la Slade killing Moira or Bane breaking Batman’s back. It’s time for a Supergirl villain to go darker and more twisted than any other and deliver a moment that devastates the show. We don’t root for pain, but we root for high stakes. Season 4 could be the time for it.

What sort of villain do you want to see moving into Supergirl season 4? Be sure to share in the comments!

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