When will Roseanne spin-off The Conners start filming?


When will the Roseanne spin-off the Connors start filming? Now that we know for sure that the spin-off is happening, it feels like the right time to move to the next order of business.

Luckily, it doesn’t seem as though we’re going to have to wait all that long in order to see it. According to a new report coming in right now via TMZ, filming for the show is set to begin in late August / early September, which does put The Conners (still a tentative title) in line for a premiere at some point in November. It is going to occupy the same 8:00 p.m. Eastern Tuesday timeslot that the original series did, but there is not all that much in the way of news out there about what is going to fill that spot beforehand.

It is possible that ABC will use the spot in order to promote some of their other new shows, or it is possible that they will try to do two nights of Dancing with the Stars for the first few weeks of the season. Either one of these could be smart ideas just to tide viewers over until you get to the point where the new show can come on the air.

So how much should ABC be willing to bet on The Conners? That is a very good question right now, just because it’s still such a toss-up. Are you going to get some of Roseanne’s devoted viewers to watch a show without her? Even in spite of the racist tweet that got her fired, that is still very hard to figure out. The question here is whether or not she is the sell of the show, or if it is the entire cast as a whole. Beyond just that, it is hard to know whether or not her firing is going to lead the viewers who did not like Roseanne choosing to suddenly watch the show now. It may not be their personal cup of tea.

We’ve said this all along, and we are sticking to this. The very first episode of this spin-off is probably going to deliver some pretty big ratings. However, on the other side of that we imagine that viewership will drop off just because public interest will fade. Maybe it will keep some viewers on the basis of the show’s quality, but it’s pretty darn hard to gauge that ahead of time.

What do you want to see when it comes to the Roseanne spin-off, and are you even going to watch a single episode? Share now below!

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