Matt Bomer would do White Collar season 7 in a ‘heartbeat’

For anyone out there who is still holding out hope that a White Collar season 7 could take place at some point in the future, there is still another reason to have some courtesy of none other than original series star Matt Bomer.

In a recent interview on Watch What Happens Live, Bomer confirmed that he would come back to do more of the show “in a heartbeat.” The big problem, he notes, is that the series came from an outside studio (in 20th Century Fox TV), and getting it back together with USA would probably be one of the biggest challenges.

In many ways, we think that the series coming from an outside studio is one of the reasons why White Collar ended in the first place. It wasn’t a cheap show to make given that it filmed in New York City and beyond that, often focused on some pretty famous locales. When you think about some of the other long-running USA series like Psych and Suits, both of them hailed from an in-house studio in Universal Cable. That’s why it is a little bit easier to keep them around in the long-term.

Do we still think that a White Collar revival is possible? Sure, but it’s probably going to take a number of big interviews and discussions to really get the ball rolling. Often, a TV appearance or some sort of interview at a panel can really help to kick things off. When you think about the revivals to some shows like The X-Files and Psych, their constant presence in the media really helped them out. White Collar technically did have an ending, but it was certainly left open in a way in which there could be so much more to explore. Our ideal end for the series is one where Neal doesn’t have to fake his own death and can find a way back to the unconventional family that he had built up over the several seasons of the series’ run.

Ultimately, we’ll see where things go, but we probably have more hope for it now than we did a year or two ago.

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