Code Black season 3 episode 9 review: A night of devastation

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Tonight, Code Black season 3 episode 9 brought you an episode that was in so many ways about tragedy — whether it be for Ethan Willis or back in the hospital with Ariel.

When it comes to Ethan, he had to deal with the sudden realization that one of his brother’s fellow soldiers within his unit took his own life — given that his brother also committed suicide, something wasn’t quite adding up to him. He couldn’t bring his brother back, but he certainly was intent on getting justice for him if he could. Ethan tracked down one of his brother’s remaining fellow soldiers and what happened from there was violent — the guy didn’t want to talk and when Ethan tried to make him, he pulled out his gun. As strange as it seemed, Ethan ended up saving his life.

In the midst of this episode, Ethan’s father also made it clear to Rox why he wanted to sell the house: That’s where Ethan found his brother dead. Rox comforted him near the end of the episode, and it was in that moment she admitted to having some attraction to him; yet, also fear of getting too close.

Then, somehow things got even more painful — as Ethan finally determined some of what happened overseas, and that his brother was responsible for so many other men’s pain, his father did not want to hear it. As a matter of fact, this prompted him to effectively disown him. This was devastating, but the series wasn’t quite done yet.

On another serious note, you have Max. When it started to feel like he was going to die unless there was a new set of lungs that got to him in time. There was a chance that the lungs may not get there, however, and that caused the Angels Memorial staff to raise some tough questions. He needed Ariel, but part of the problem for her was that she wasn’t prepared to see him. She was struggling with the idea of losing him, and her not showing up was causing panic both for Max and his father.

Eventually, she did show up for him and explained in part why she wasn’t there previously — and it was at that point the lungs arrived. Unfortunately, his condition worsened before the surgery could be complete and he died. This caused Ariel to lash out at her mother, feeling that Leanne could’ve acted faster. She didn’t mean it, but it was still hurtful. His father was prepared for it, but that didn’t make things any easier. What the show did with this character was absolutely beautiful — he was first introduced as being rough around the edges and incredibly difficult, but in his scene with Leanne some of the walls finally started to come down.

CarterMatt Verdict

What a different, gut-wrenching episode of Code Black this was from start to finish. There were many important personal revelations that we saw here and, in the end, we hope that there is a sense of healing that can come from all of this down the road.

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