Big Brother 20 house (video): A rock wall, gummi bears, and spy screens

Big Brother 20 houseToday CBS unveiled its first look at the Big Brother 20 house and what makes this season so interesting. Based on everything we’re seeing, there’s a lot to be excited about!

While we’re pretty sure that not all of the houseguests will use these features, it’s still somewhat cool that they are there. Take, for example, the rock wall. Is this just cool decoration, or something that we can foresee people in the house actually using? We’re still trying to figure that out but either way, it’s a cool little twist to the house environment to have something potentially active insight … plus also a rotating living room in general. We feel like it’ll probably be fixed in one place for some of the live shows since otherwise, that’d be hard for the cameras to keep track of.

As for the remainder of the house, you’ve got everything from a ton of gummi bears (which certainly seems like something that is going to come up in a Q&A competition down the line) to also a sliding wall that can turn the two main bedrooms into one giant room. This is interesting mostly in that it’s going to be so much harder to keep secrets in this game.

That is true even more so because of the biggest twist of all this season, which to us is the HoH getting the ability to spy on houseguests in three separate rooms. That’s going to make it so much harder to scheme since you never quite know who is watching you. There’s also an intercom to where the HoH can relay a message down to them, though the players in the room cannot respond. We’re not sure how we feel about letting one person have this much control over what people are doing for a given week, but overall we do think that the new house, with everything from fidget spinners to fake Snapchat filters to a reference to Paul’s 0-2 record in the final two, is pretty cool to look at visually. One of their best designs in a while.

If you missed it earlier…

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