Reverie episode 4 review: The story of Oliver Hill

Oliver HillWhat happened on Reverie episode 4 when it aired on NBC? Let’s kick things off here with the strange case of Mr. Oliver Hill.

As it turns out, Oliver was one of the co-founders of Omira Tech, a brilliant man with visions as to what Reverie could be. Oliver ended up saving Mara’s life when she was in the midst of a vision-haze, and after that he did everything within his power to convince her that Reveries were danger and will corrupt her entire world. This is what started to spend Mara into a tailspin over the course of this episode, especially since she started to be concerned that the program was making her sick and incapable of moving forward.

Yet, was Reverie as bad as it was cracked up to be? Here’s a part of what makes this show so interesting at the moment. The bulk of this season has been spent diving into many of the different dangers that go along with this program. However, tonight’s episode showed a slightly different alternative: It introduced you to a way in which Reverie could be used for good. That brings us to Glenn, a man with severe obsessive-compulsive disorder and agoraphobia who had a stolen BCI delivered to him just so that he could figure out a way in which to deliver an expensive, rare medication to Quincy — a boy next door he cared about deeply who he was desperate to save. Reverie enabled him a way to figure out the means in which to properly do it, and after Mara started to figure out more of his plans, she actually helped him — provided, in turn, he returned the stolen goods. He actually ended up helping the pharmaceutical company improve their security, and in turn, they gave him the necessary medication as a form of payment.

Now, Quincy is doing better and for Mara, she saw a good example of someone who want’s corrupted by Reverie so much as he was aided by it. This was a distorted view of the original version, but still a view of it nonetheless.

This does bring us back to another important part of this story, and that is seeing most members of Omira Tech do their part to present to Mara an optimistic view of what they do — while trying to discredit Oliver. Paul showed her that he was unstable long before entering Reverie, Alexis told her story about how the two were romantically intertwined before he snapped, and Charlie did everything that he could to have Mara’s back. They seem to have her back on their side … but will it last?

CarterMatt Verdict

Reverie episode 4 was a strong episode in that it finally provided some of what we were missing previously: More insight into who some of these supporting characters really are and how Omira Tech first started up. It’s fair to wonder if they’re stretching the truth, but at least for now we have a viewpoint on the show that is a little more nuanced than our previous perception that they were up to no good and that Reverie itself was nothing other than a poison.

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