America’s Got Talent review: Great talent (and Simon Cowell’s dog promise) in audition show #4

America's Got Talent season 13

Tonight on NBC, we had a chance to see the fourth audition show on America’s Got Talent — isn’t that a cause for celebration? Tonight, we were promised telekinesis, daredevils, dog tricks, and Mel B’s Golden Buzzer.

Over the course of the night, we’re going to have some more updates! We suggest that you keep checking back for a little bit more of our latest hot-takes.

Voices of Hope Children’s Choice – Hey, an Orange County choir! Right from our neck of the woods. That excites us, but what also excites us is the ability they have. It shouldn’t be a shock that this group is good — no way AGT producers put a terrible kids’ choir on the show to be ridiculed. We do think that they need a song with a little more energy to give the group more personality.

Quin and Misha – A dance duo made up of a 35-year old and a 70-year old! Let’s make it clear that what she does is fantastic for her age — she moves well and she’s also very funny. However, there’s no real chance that this is going to win … but, then again, there isn’t much of a chance for any ballroom dance duo to win this show unless they’re doing something super-innovative.

Lioz Shem Tov – What you’re seeing within these first three acts are people who are very much fantastic at what they do, which is entertain. This guy’s whole shtick was that he had telekinetic powers that weren’t actually telekinetic at all. He’s the Dustin’s Dojo of this season, a funny phony who just goes up and pretends to be good at something. He’s not a million-dollar act, but he is certainly funny all the same.

Jeffrey Li – We’re claiming ownership of a lot of different territories in this episode, but we consider Toronto our home away from home and Jeffrey hails from the city. Also, he’s fantastic! Singing Josh Groban is no easy task and he handled that with grace. Also, Simon Cowell apparently now owes him a dog after he promised to buy him one if he was good. WE NEED ANSWERS ON THE DOG, GUYS.

Udi Dance – We’ve seen a lot of black-light acts on the show over the years but this one was one of the best. We’ve seen these guys on Britain’s Got Talent in the past and they are exceptional. Not only was there good choreography, but there was also a story behind it. We actually like that the series was transparent about their history.

Daniel Emmet – It’s a frequent story on AGT to have someone on the show who comes out and performs only to be told that the song isn’t right. Yet, it’s a little different to be given a new song to learn in an hour and Daniel did that! He’s got a tremendous voice and it echoed through every note.

Duo Transcend – They were excellent at what they did, which was offer up some high-intensity acrobatics and dangerous stunts — especially since the male half of the duo was losing his eyesight and had to rely more on touch to make this work effectively.

Annaliese Nock – Bello Nock’s daughter also happens to be a daredevil, and with that, she decided to go through with one of the craziest stunts possible: The exploding coffin. She put herself in a position where she could die while the judges (and her father) watched. She’s got guts! We do think she needs a little more pizzazz still, but she’s well on her way.

Amanda Mena – She’s Mel B’s Golden Buzzer! Read more about her over here. You can also check out the video below for more — be sure to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube to get more discussions!

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