Dietland episode 4 review: The many faces of Jennifer

Dietland episode 4

Dietland episode 4 brought you a good bit of what you could want from the series, whether it be evolution, inspiration, and then also frustration.

At the center of much of it was the organization Jennifer, one that was causing all sorts of chaos on a global scale. Men have been killed, but women have felt a surge in power. They’re creating and starting a movement like no other, but the question that you have to wonder here is this: Is supporting the organization worth it? Do the ends justify the means?

There are added complications here. For Kitty, she realizes that supporting Jennifer can be transactional. Regardless of how she feels about any of their initiatives, she recognizes that there is an immense amount of monetary value in putting the Jennifer manifesto on the cover of many of Austin Media’s publications. That’s why she is willing to fight for it. Money is her chief belief and she knows that with more money comes more power. The manifesto caused many magazines to fly off the shelves, she is validated, and basically she’s found a way to fulfill her own personal Jennifer mission without committing any of their acts first-hand.

For Plum, meanwhile, within tonight’s episode she wasn’t committed to being all-in on Jennifer at all, mostly because she’s still invested in doing what she thinks she needs to fell better, whether that is putting a deposit down on getting her stomach stapled or figuring out a way in which to get her mind in the right place. Yet, she also realizes that the New Baptist Plan may have connections to Jennifer and, for now, she wants no part of it. She’s only agreeing to stick around right now for the sake of infiltration and being a voice on the inside. All she wants is self-improvement and yet, it’s starting to feel more and more like she’s going to be a key piece in the larger puzzle.

We know that Future Plum, via narration, has been through so much more than Present Plum has, and that may include becoming a revolutionary in her own right. This character’s going to get there, but we appreciate the writers not pushing her too far along beyond what her wants and goals are now in this particular moment.

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CarterMatt Verdict

All of the pieces are starting to come together on Dietland, a show that looks at questions of ethics, advancement, and also introspection. What is the most important — yourself or a larger cause? We like that the show leaves some matters up for debate, but is also unflinching and bold in its approach. This was a strong episode that really dug into the central mythology and allowed us to see everything from differing perspectives to the road the story is going in from here.

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