Last Week Tonight with John Oliver talks Jeff Sessions, border separations

Last Week Tonight
How did tonight’s edition of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver pick up? While Oliver kicked things off with a discussion of Kim Jong-un, Michael Cohen, and more, at the end of the day what’s the most relevant subject right now is happening at the United States – Mexico border.

You’ve probably heard this a few different places already, but there is an event happening right now where there are many children separated from their parents at the United States border. This is a decision that has spurned strong reactions across multiple political parties, and is even causing people like Laura Bush and even Melania Trump to speak on the subject.

What Oliver really reinforced in this segment was that there was no law prior to Jeff Sessions’ changes earlier this year that dictated such an event would happen — despite some of the proclamations that have been said by other politicians. Oliver’s segment wasa call for action more so than a long-term takedown of the event. It was based more so on facts and what got us to this point.

There are at times with Last Week Tonight where you can see segments on serious topics and still find a way to laugh about them. However, this was not one of those times. The subject matter here was sad, especially so on a holiday like Father’s Day. Given that everything is unfolding relatively in real-time, we’re happy to see that it was brought into the conversation. Oliver may be a few hours behind based on when the show filmed earlier today, but it wasn’t behind by all that much at all.

Rest assured, we imagine that there are going to be many more stories all about this in the press for quite some time to come.

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