Instinct episode 11 review: Is Dylan putting himself in danger?

Instinct episode 1At the core of Instinct episode 11 was arguably one of the most-dangerous missions that we’ve seen Dylan Reinhart encounter since taking on a partnership with Lizzie. It also was one of the most unpredictable from start to finish.

After all, we’re talking here about a case featuring victims as opposed to a single one. There were multiple bombs that went off across New York City throughout the hour, and many of them were detonated inexplicably by people who didn’t seem to have any reason to be suicide bombers. There were no clear connections to terrorism and at times, their bombs didn’t even go off in heavily-populated areas.

So who would want to do this? As it turns out, it may be someone tied to Dylan’s own past, something that he did not want to talk about with anyone. He took it upon himself to revisit some of his past in order to figure out who could be responsible, and it just so happened to be someone who once researched on him. Eventually, he told Lizzie he was a part of something called The Richford Project, a program that originally was a fun cognitive exercise. However, over time it became clear that these kids, including Dylan, were being manipulated. He thought it was his professor, but as it turned out, it was Dylan’s partner in the experiment: John Raymond. He’s a math genius who, after trying to plagiarizing Dylan’s work, started to go off the edge.

Eventually, Dylan was able to track him down using one of his remaining dreams. He found John and not long after that, was able to convince him to give things up.

Is Dylan becoming too much of a celebrity?

This is something that many characters around him started to have some concerns over as the episode went on via a magazine interview, and for a number of different reasons. For Julian, he was very concerned about the idea of people tracking down Dylan and hurting him once he started to talk about his employment history. With Andy, he was more nervous about his life getting out there publicly — which, as it turns out, was mostly because of the fact that he hadn’t told his parents that he had given up his legal career.

Eventually, Dylan did get the magazine gig, albeit in a slightly more low-key manner than originally planned.

CarterMatt Verdict

Instinct episode 11 was certainly one of the more personal ones of the season for Dylan, as were presented with another powerful villain and one of the toughest investigations for Dylan to date. For those who love it when Alan Cumming’s character is challenged, you had to love this one.

There’s one other revelation tonight that is very much important: Dylan really wants to be a father. That’s something that he and Andy can explore in the weeks to come.

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