Blue Bloods season 9 spotlight: What’s next for Danny Reagan?

Blue Bloods season 9What’s coming up for Danny Reagan on Blue Bloods season 9? This is the question we’re pondering as we kick off our weekly spotlight series today! Check back weekly for more takes on the story ahead for many of your other favorite characters.

It makes sense to start the series with Donnie Wahlberg’s character, largely because Danny certainly has been on the toughest journey over the course of this past year. He’s had to come to terms with losing Linda, and beyond that becoming a strong single parent to his two boys. He’s learned to sacrifice so much more than ever before and also had to figure out how to stay focused while on the job. All of this collectively has not been a particularly easy task for him.

Ultimately, all of this brings us to our list of three suggestions for Danny as we move forward into season 9 this fall on CBS.

More of Danny the dad – It makes some sense that we are writing this particular article on Father’s Day, given that some of the best moments for this character the ones where he is around his sons. We want to see a little bit more of domestic Danny, given that it gives you more insight into his progression and also just allows him to see that softer, funnier side.

More stories with Jamie – Given that Jamie is now engaged to Eddie, we really hope that the show doesn’t just start off with a big time jump in which those characters are already married. It would be a really fun storyline for a few weeks to see Danny working with his brother in order to help plan out parts of his wedding. What does it look like taking Jamie tux shopping or Danny hosting his brother’s bachelor party? There’s a lot that can be mined from this and we don’t get enough stories where these guys are spending time together, separate from the rest of the family.

Considering Danny’s future – We don’t think it is necessary to bring in a love interest for Danny unless it’s the right one; however, we do think the show can still continue to explore Danny’s overall level of happiness with the job and if this is really where he wants to be within the NYPD. We know that there was a recent story about Jamie considering a promotion, but what about Danny? Would he consider moving up the food chain to a position that wasn’t in as much danger as he sometimes is?

What do you want to see coming up for Danny Reagan on Blue Bloods season 9? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments below.

(Photo: CBS.)

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