Good Behavior season 3: Is a path cleared for a renewal? We hope so…

Are we going to be getting close to news soon on a Good Behavior season 3 renewal? We certainly hope so! If nothing else, the path seems to be clearing now to learn about the show’s fate one way or another.

Over the past couple of months, one of the potential hang-ups we’d heard about was the AT&T / Time Warner merger. With there being so many changes happening at the top, that has put many decisions at the network (save for some obvious ones) in a rather big holding pattern. Just like we’ve been waiting for some news on Good Behavior, we’ve also been waiting to see if someone was going to try to expand the world of The Alienist beyond limited-series territory. With Claws and Animal Kingdom not premiering until this summer, nobody had to worry about them for a while.

Now that the judges have made their ruling regarding the merger, some things could start to clear up in the future — as for how long or short a process that will be, it remains to be seen. Our hope for Good Behavior remains pretty simple: Closure. We’ve already said that ideally we’d love another ten-episode season to wrap up the story, but we’re also a realist and understand that there could be something shorter than that, if the show comes back. Its ratings weren’t great through two seasons and in some ways, we’re lucky to be in this position with the show. Keeping it around is a move made with quality in mind first and foremost, though we also will still argue that there is some untapped commercial potential here if the series were to ever find the perfect spot to air and the right promotion. This is a show with huge appeal! We just hope that there’s a way for it to find an audience. Even if it does end with season 3, we want it to be with a bang.

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