Now that it’s official, when could Lucifer season 4 premiere on Netflix?

LuciferAt this particular point in time, we know that a lot of you out there are celebrating. How could you not? We are in the middle of a particularly wonderful time to be a television fan. after weeks of speculation and wondering as to the future, Lucifer season 4 is officially airing on Netflix.

Of course, this now brings us to the next question: when is season 4 actually going to premiere? Obviously, had the show been picked up by Fox it could have been on the air as early as this fall. However, it is a little bit easier to get a show like Lucifer on the air faster when you have a major television network that is airing one new episode a week. You don’t have to bank as many episodes in advance of the premiere, and beyond that the writers room would have probably been open for a little while now crafting new installments.

With Netflix, we presume that they are going to make the entire fourth season available at the same time, which they do for the most part with hour-long shows. Unless someone within Lucifer production suddenly develops superpowers that enables them the ability to make episodes in the blink of an eye, odds are we are looking at a 2019 premiere. Nothing is official yet, and it may not be for some time.

Personally, we are more than fine with that. It gives everyone time to make the best episodes possible and to go along with this, it gives Netflix a little bit of time in order to promote it. We do think that they will need this time, given that Lucifer has never aired on Netflix in America before and needs a proper introduction. The first three seasons of the show were made available for streaming on Hulu, which is why the Netflix pickup is such a surprise. It is fairly rare to see a streaming service pick up a cancelled show when they do not previously have the streaming rights for it. Even when you go back to Longmire, the last major showed be saved by Netflix, it was at least streaming on the service before being saved. The Lucifer situation is all kinds of weird and wonderful, which makes it all the more fun that the series is picked up.

Also, we’re fine with a break since we’re sure the cast and crew need a nap after this long campaign.

So where do we go from here on CarterMatt over the course of the next several weeks? Well you didn’t think we were going to stop covering the show now that the #SaveLucifer campaign is over, did you? What we are going to do now is focus more on the story of the show, the relationships, and some of the fun things that could be explored in the upcoming fourth season. Speculation is a lot of fun over the course of the summer, and we will also be giving you filming updates and so much more as soon as we have them to present. Rest assured there is a lot of great news coming your way and we’re thrilled to be able to report it.

If you missed it earlier, you can also check out the video below to get more of our in-the-moment reaction to Lucifer being picked up. Also, like CarterMatt on Facebook in the event you want some other updates on Lucifer the moment they are online. (Photo: Fox.)

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