GLOW season 2: New key art; 3 things we want to see

Glow season 2We are 2 weeks away from the premiere of GLOW and we have some art to share with you all along with 3 things we are most excited to see in Season 2.

In the art work, which you can view above, we see Alison Brie’s Ruth standing on the front of the car with Debbie down in front. It’s clear from the photo that Ruth and Debbie mean business, however, with Ruth standing on the car demonstrates that she is the main protagonist. Around the pair we see the other girls in the group showing off what each of them are known for and showing that not much is going to change for them.

This photo also makes us excited for these 3 things:

Ruth v.s Debbie – Early in season 1 the writers introduced us to the complicated relationship between Debbie and Ruth. If fans will recall, Ruth slept with Debbie’s husband and ever since Debbie discovered Ruth’s betrayal, things have been rocky. They have tried to move passed it, but something always ends up preventing them from doing so. In the trailer, we saw that this will still be the same after it was revealed that Debbie is getting a divorce. What make us so excited for this relationship is that the writers don’t overdue it. They do just enough that makes it realistic and one that we can relate to. The obstacle that prevent them from completely making up aren’t one that we roll our eyes at, but ones that we nod our heads at in agreement. With that said, it’s why we are counting down the days until this feud continues.

The wrestling women – One of the things that makes this show so great is the supporting cast. The women who portray the other female wrestlers are great. They provide the comic relief when needed, they make laugh, cry, smile, and wish that we were their friends. Sometimes they even steal the scene with a one liner we didn’t expect. In addition, their individual stories are unique and intriguing. The writers have done a great job at making them not just women in the background, but women who may not be the main cast, but have stories worth telling. We want to know more about the other characters because how they are portrayed, so that’s why they are another main reason we are excited for the show to return.

The main obstacle this season – From the trailer we learned that the women who get fans and become famous because of the wrestling show. However, we also learned that they are in danger of being cancelled. With that said, the trailer reveals that the girls hash out their own plan to save the show, mainly be doing whatever they want. While we don’t know the full picture around this obstacle, it makes us excited to find it out. We know that the show is the main income for these girls and that they enjoy themselves, and if that were taken away, we wouldn’t have much of a show anymore. So while we know that they will eventually find a way to keep from being cancelled, we can’t wait to see how they do it. That’s the fun part. There’s going to be twist and turns that are thrilling and unexpected and that’s why we keep asking the following: is it June 29th yet?

GLOW returns on June 29th to Netflix. For more news regarding GLOW, be sure to visit this link.

This article was written by Samantha D’Amico. If you want to follow her on Twitter, you can do so at SAM_iamXO. (Photo: Netflix.)

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