Nashville season 6 episode 10 review: Reality TV trouble

Tonight, Nashville season 6 episode 10 gave us a story that was largely about Brad — mostly in terms of how terrible he is.

For starters, there is everything going on when it comes to Brad and Jessie’s custody battle. She was interested in fighting it, but the problems that she was encountering here were twofold. Not only was she struggling in order to figure out precisely how to battle Brad, but also with the concept of paying for it.

Ultimately, Jessie and Deacon found themselves in an impossible situation, one where it seemed like breaking up for the time being was the best move since it would make her ability to keep custody of her son. It was a compromise that nobody was happy with — which, alas, are often the best compromises.

Beyond just this, we’ve got everything going on with his oh-so-obvious manipulation of Daphne. He wants her to tell the story of her mother through song, mostly because he wants to exploit her emotional story for the sake of getting the show some big ratings. That’s pretty terrible, but it is also par for the course for this guy. Deacon stood by while she went through many of her creative struggles, mostly because he cared for her and he also realized what another blow-up would mean in terms of what would happen with Jessie.

When Daphne went on stage to perform the song about her mother, there were mixed emotions all over the place. Daphne’s story made it easy to get the audience on her side, but was it really authentic? Was it really for her? Deacon and Maddie were still happy for her, knowing that it’s what she wanted to do and that’s what mattered to him the most.

The latest on Avery and Alannah

What’s going on with these two? It’s pretty darn clear that there is some chemistry here. Unfortunately for Gunnar, there wasn’t the same sort of chemistry there between Alannah and him. Given that they were all performing together, it was pretty clear that there was going to be a problem. That happened aver Alannah and Avery kissed, and after Gunnar walked out in the middle of one of their performances.

Here’s where things get complicated, and it’s (once again) thanks to Brad. He decided that he would offer Alannah a solo contract worth a good bit of money, and that included money regardless of if she sold an album or not.

What’s going on with Scarlett?

Tonight, Sean got a chance to go up on stage to perform and she certainly seemed to approve! The two had a personal connection, and following that hearing him tell some of his traumatic stories from the battlefield was pretty heartbreaking. She wants to be there for him, and that just means helping to ensure that she has the best life possible.

CarterMatt Verdict

While we are bummed out still by the lack of Juliette, we know she’s getting a big story next week and there’s something exciting about that. Overall, Nashville season 6 episode 10 did a good job moving forward some of the primary stories of the week.

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