Elementary season 6: When should Michael return?

Elementary season 6 episode 7When could Michael make a big return to Elementary season 6 after making his recent departure? It’s certainly a good discussion point after the events of this past episode.

When it comes to the story that we’ve had a chance to see on the show to date, it’s very easy to say that we deserve to have a chance to see Desmond Harrington back immediately. So far, he’s set up to be the best villain we’ve had on the show since Moriarty went away. He’s not intellectual in a way very few serial killers have been, but he also understands Sherlock on a granular level. As a fellow addict, he knows what makes him tick and realizes that there is a part of the hunt that Holmes is addicted to. It’s a way for him to squelch one of his more-dangerous addictions in drug use. For Michael, his shadow self is basically the opposite — he kills to avoid drug addiction and very much enjoys it. It gives him order, and he thinks that Sherlock needs the hunt just as much as he does.

After Sherlock couldn’t pin Michael for the most-recent murder, he went away, proclaiming that he wants to fight Sherlock effectively when he’s feeling better and at his best. When will that be? It doesn’t seem based on the previews like he’s coming back over the next couple of episodes, but we don’t want to see him gone longer than maybe three or four. He still should be somewhere on Sherlock’s mind, and with Harrington as a series regular this year it makes sense to use him as much as you possibly can.

The main issue in doing so, at least at the moment, is that you have to find a way to get creative. This is why you may have to spend a few episodes watching Michael plan something rather than just killing every week. This show is pretty much a procedural, and with that we don’t see a ton of consecutive episodes spent watching Sherlock and him squaring off. His appearances may be somewhat sporadic, but what we know is that a villain like this is one that only comes about so often. Elementary would be foolish to not take advantage and we absolutely hope that they do.

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