Should Blue Bloods season 9 bring in new adversary for Frank?

Blue Bloods season 9

Entering Blue Bloods season 9, is it time for there to be a new adversary for Frank Reagan? We definitely think that there is an interesting case to be made for it.

For starters, we do think that Frank is always at his best when he is going against a clear opponent, whether it be someone challenging him for his job or someone who has a clear axe to grind. Over time, one of the things that we have seen this show really work on doing is finding realistic ways for there to be come conflict around him. A lot of that has come via the Mayor’s Office, which does make a certain degree of sense given that we aren’t always going to be seeing eye to eye.

Yet, at the end of the day there is still a degree of respect between the Mayor’s Office and Frank that makes creating such a contentious relationship a little bit more difficult. What we think would be a little more compelling from a creative standpoint is introducing someone who is, largely at their core, about destruction — not a comic-book villain, but someone who is seriously threatening the police as an institution. Maybe it’s the head of a serious underground militia who is out killing cops, or maybe someone who is a terrorist. Either way, it should be someone who Frank views as a serious threat and wants to see stopped. He’s always going to have motivation to stop bad guys in their tracks, largely because he cares about their officers and wants to protect them. Even if his own life isn’t threatened, he’s going to act if his other officers are in danger.

For Tom Selleck, we just want to see him have some new challenges in season 9 as an actor, whether it be putting Frank in a position where his life is on the line or if he acts against a Big Bad sort of character three or four times a season. You can introduce someone like this without really changing up the procedural nature of Blue Bloods as a whole.

Do you think that Blue Bloods season 9 needs a new enemy for Frank? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments!

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