The Sinner season 2 trailer: The search for the ‘why’

The Sinner season 2The Sinner season 2 is gearing up to premiere on USA this August, and based on the new trailer released by the network, it is going to be every bit as creepy and mysterious as the first go-around.

In this trailer, which you can see below, you get a pretty good introduction to the main case at the heart of the story. We are going to see a dark and disturbing situation unfold that begins with the death of a young boy’s parents. All signs point to the two of them being poisoned. However, there’s still a lot of mystery due the identity of the killer himself. How can the show effectively come up with how a 13-year old killed his parents, let alone a proper motives why? This is what attracts Harry Ambrose to his old stomping grounds, as he is one of the only people qualified to take on such a case after what happened with Cora during season 1.

Much like with the first season, there are many mysteries that needs to be unlocked here beyond just what happened to the victims. As the motive starts to become a little bit clearer, there is evidence in this trailer that the boy’s parents were abusive and often abandoned him by going on trips without him. Of course, things could get so much darker from there. We see tiny glimpses into the boy’s potential temper, but with poisoning being the cause of death it suggests a far greater amount of premeditation. This is not some fly-by-night accident or something that he thought about in the moment. It was planned out, so that suggests either a level of psychosis or something very malicious driving this boy to do the terrible things in which he did.

The Sinner season 2, which is being executive produced once more by Jessica Biel, has a lot to live up to. The first season was one of the best limited series of the summer, and because of that there’s a lot more to live up to this time. Also, there is pressure just because second seasons of other limited series haven’t quite worked out as well. Sometimes, we have seen that sticking with the original vision of the beginning, middle, and end actually ends up working out better.

What do you think about this new trailer for The Sinner season 2, and does it make you all the more intrigued to watch? Let us know right now in the comments.

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