World Cup 2018: Robbie Williams shows off middle finger during Opening Ceremonies

World Cup It really didn’t take all that long at all before the World Cup made controversy for something completely unrelated to soccer. You can go ahead and Robbie Williams for that. The singer was performing today as a part of the country’s Opening Ceremonies, and in the midst of his performance he decided to do the most Robbie Williams thing ever: flipping off the camera when it was planted firmly on him.

So why in the world go ahead and do something like that? Williams has not shared much in terms of his reasoning, but he was subject to criticism before performing at the World Cup over supporting in theory part of the Russian regime — that’s the perception that comes, at least per some, out of being there. This may have been his way of fighting back against some of the people who have criticized him, or it may just be him being controversial for the sake of being controversial. Williams is a smart guy who has been around the block in this industry, and he certainly knows that the World Cup Opening Ceremony is one of the most-watched events in the entire world. Just because America doesn’t seem to care about it this year, mostly because they don’t have a team in play, there are many other places who do.

Is it possible that Robbie will issue an apology later in the day? Maybe, but it doesn’t seem like the sort of thing that he would necessarily do. That’s especially the case when this was such a deliberate move, he knew the cameras were on him, and he could have chose to just sit there and have a good time. The best comparison we could really give to this is what MIA did during a Super Bowl halftime performance while Madonna was leading the charge onstage. It’s another case in which someone knew they were on camera at the time in which they decided to show off the gesture.

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