MasterChef season 9 episode 5 review: The crab benedict quest!

MasterChef season 9

MasterChef season 9 episode 5 was an installment that had quite a bit going on … and some of it was the sort that will make many people squeamish. After all, we are talking about crab butchering. We’ll be honest: We love crab, but we are one of those food people who loves eating and hates butchering. Not our cup of tea and these episodes are hard.

The first stage of this episode was all about seeing if contestants could properly butcher crab and then following that, making a proper crab benedict. That’s not an easy thing to do just because there are so many different components to it. You have to make sure that the consistency of the eggs is right, the sauce is perfect, and even some of the smaller details like the toasting of the bread. It’s so much harder from start to finish than you would first assume. (We actually make a ton of eggs benedict, but it’s a little easier without the crab.)

There were three contestants who were in trouble at the end of the episode, and only one of them was going to be able to stick around.

Stephanie – She just couldn’t get the hollandaise sauce right — and namely, didn’t get enough of it on the plate. sometimes, missing one ingredient is enough to put you in danger.

Gerron – We love the guy’s personality — his energy is through the roof and we love having him on the show. Yet, his presentation was messy and, to go along with that, one of them was a little bit overdone.

Olusola – Like Gerron, we’ve got another case here of a great personality in danger — in her case, she didn’t even get the dish on the proper plate. Yet, some of the flavors were actually there.

Who went home?

We lost Olusola and Stephanie at this point in the competition and it’s said — we don’t think that either one of them was a disaster, but they both made a mistake that was severe enough to send them home. Losing someone like Olusola, who was such a character, so early is sad.

CarterMatt Verdict

We’re never going to love an episode that features having to kill crabs as a major component, and the final challenge itself was a little too monotonous. To us, the major saving grace of this episode was getting a chance to learn more about the home cooks — we do still hope we get backstory on them rather than just constant reminders as to which judge picked them, which we imagine is necessary right now only because it didn’t play all that much of a role otherwise.

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