Timeless season 3: 3 events the writers could use if granted another season

Timeless season 2 key artOne of the many reasons so many people love NBC’s Timeless is because it’s a fantastic show that teaches you about history. It tells us stories we may not have talked about in our school history classes, but they are events that either made huge impacts or are just amazing stories we never heard of. Over the course of two seasons the show has covered many stories, so moving forward what events in history could the writers use? Here are some events that show could consider for a potential Season 3.

When Pope Gregory started the Black Plague – During the 12th century, a plague spread through Europe killing about 100 million. The disease stemmed from Asia and was transmitted to Europe by the Silk Road. The worst strain was called the Bubonic Plague, which was carried by rats. The best way to stop the rats was by using cats, who would eat the rodents. This method kept the plague at bay. However, Pope Gregory IX, leader of the Roman Catholic Church, disliked cats and published a manuscript called Vox in Rama a century before the Black Death would become imminent threat to Europe. He stated in his manuscript that cats were incarnations of Satan and called for a complete elimination. A century later, cats were needed more than ever and as a result of Gregory’s actions the plague spread rapidly through Europe.

We haven’t seen the group go anywhere near this far back but considering the Black Plague is widely known event, the writers could do something with it. Based on Rittenhouse’s previous actions, we wouldn’t be surprised if the group would infiltrate the Catholic Church back during a time when the Church’s reign and power meant more then than it does today. This would certainly show the expansion of Rittenhouse and would be a fun time to explore.

The investigative reporter Nellie Bly – Everyone knows the book and later movie, Around The World In 80 Days, but what you probably don’t know is the story of Nellie Bly. In 1873, French author Jules Verne published the novel Around The World In 80 Days during a when many people believed that the journey could be made. However, in 1889, Bly attempted to prove that it could in fact be done. And she did. She even managed to shave eight days off the journey and meet Jules Verne.

The writers could use Nellie Bly as someone who helps the team or someone Rittenhouse targets. If Nellie Bly never attempted to prove Verne right who knows how traveling would be viewed. She proved many people wrong and the fact that she shaved 8 days off is no small feat. She established that traveling the world is not impossible and that people can dream. She became the first woman to make a solo trip around the world.

Exercise Tiger – We know the story of D-Day. The Allies landed on the shores of Normandy to invade German-occupied Europe and liberate the people from Nazi control. However, to make sure this day went off without a hitch, operations like D-Day need to be practiced. Enter Exercise Tiger, one of the unsuccessful practice exercises. This tragic event ended with the deaths of 749 American soldiers. On the morning of April 27, a practice assault was scheduled to take place, involving real ammunition so that soldiers could become accustomed to the sights and sounds of battle. The exercise was suppose to begin at 7:30 a.m but was rescheduled to 8:30 when one of the boats that was supposed to be simulating a naval approach was held up at sea for repairs. The communication about this change never made it to the landing craft in time. When the crew landed on the beach at 7:30 an attack began but in an exchange of friendly fire roughly 450 men were killed before anyone realized there were shooting at their own men.

The next day an actual attack took place and they were not prepared. Two ships were attacked by German E-boats and though the Allied ships ended up fighting back, four ships were lost. After the German retreated the Allied generals swore to secrecy that word about their failed practice runs would never get out. Because of the failed practice attempts and the German attack D-Day almost never happened. However, we know that they ended up going ahead with it and was a victory for the Allied powers.

The writers could certain place Rittenhouse among the generals that said no to D-Day and could change the outcome of the entire war. It would definitely be a worthy mission for the team and one with high stakes as well.

While there are many stories the writers could chose from to tell, we find these 3 interesting and important, which is in line with what the writers have been known for. We also hope that NBC renews Timeless because it is definitely one of the shows we religiously watch and deserves to be renewed. Fans have done everything possible and watch in devoted fashion. The ratings might not show that, but that doesn’t mean it should end; it simply means they have to find the right night and time for the show.


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This article was written by Samantha D’Amico. If you want to follow her on Twitter, you can do so at SAM_iamXO. (Photo: NBC.)

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