Nashville season 6 episode 10 video: Is Jessie ready to fight back?

Nashville season 6 episode 10When Nashville season 6 episode airs on CMT Thursday night, many characters have important decisions to make. None of them probably have this more so than Jessie, who has to figure out what she wants to do in the midst of a complicated custody battle with Brad. We’ve already seen that Brad is willing to do anything that he can in order to ensure that he gets custody of his son, even if that means throwing Deacon under the bus and using his past behavior against them. While we know Deacon and love the guy, the courts may not see that the same way.

In the video below, Jessie and Deacon are given a possible recourse to fight back and do whatever they can to ensure a victory. However, part of the problem here is that they are facing a long legal fight that they may not even win on the other side. With that, there may be a fear that comes with dragging Jessie’s son through a long legal battle; yet, isn’t that still so much better than the boy losing time with his mother? This is a complicated, emotional situation and we hope that the show really gets to the nitty-gritty of everything and how difficult this can be.

Beyond just this, life does go on for many different characters, and what’s happening with Daphne’s career may make everything all the more challenging for Deacon. After all, Brad runs a reality TV empire, and Daphne just so happens to be a contestant who is vying to get more fame through his show. That’s troublesome enough for Deacon, but to make matters worse it does seem as though Brad is exploiting Rayna’s death for the sake of getting more ratings and attention. It’s also, in turn, making Daphne more emotional in the process. This is a classic reality TV staple, however unfortunate that it is. It’s not all that much of a surprise that someone like Brad would go to this length to make sure that he gets this that he wants.

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