The Blacklist season 7: Is it too early to think about it?

The Blacklist logo any seasonIs it crazy for us to start thinking about The Blacklist season 7? Personally, we don’t quite think so! We do think that this is a show that deserves this sort of forward-thinking, largely because you don’t want to really imagine an entertainment world that doesn’t include it in some form.

Also, when it comes to The Blacklist in particular, this is a show that really needs to be able to look ahead. It’s got a deep mythology and many things have to be planned out weeks and months in advance. Take, for example, the big Reddington twist at the end of last season, which was in the works for a really long time. There may be some other twists coming up that we haven’t gotten a chance to learn about just yet — some may be planned out for past this upcoming season.

It’s with this in mind that we have a plea when it comes to the NBC show — if season 6 is to be the final season, we hope that it is announced at some point before we get close to the finale. There needs to be some time to build towards an ending rather than just having one come out of complete nowhere. It’s with this in mind that we really hope NBC is forward-thinking here.

Given the recent ratings and placing the show now on Friday nights, we’re not naive — we realize that we’re probably in the home stretch of the show. Add to that contract issues that likely come about after season 6 or 7 and all of those questions increase tenfold. Personally, we think there’s enough room for at least two more seasons of the show — one to impact Liz knowing the truth about Fake Reddington, and then also some time for him to impact her knowing about it. We still don’t know when that reveal is coming.

What do you want to see on The Blacklist season 7, provided that we even make it to that point? Share in the comments! 

(Photo: NBC.)

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