Code Black season 3 episode 8: the doctors battle water and fire

Code Black season 3 episode 8Code Black‘s eighth episode is going to be an intense one. The promo for the episode (see below) reveals the stacks are high when Ethan, Rox, and Mario must save a son and mother when their boat capsizes.

The promo starts out showing Rox and Ethan in the ambulance when they receive the a call informing them that two boats crashed with multiple injuries. As Ethan, Rox, and Mario have treat all the people with were involved, one young man tells them that his mother was on the boat and is missing. Immediately Ethan and Mario begin to look for her, with Mario spotting her floating in the water. The problem is that the boat is on fire and she is floating in oil. The promo cuts out after that but we are willing to bet that Ethan and Mario are going to put their lives on the line to save the woman.

We’ve seen Ethan, especially, put his life on the line when riding along with Rox. He’s jumped into a lake at night with no backup to save a woman unconscious in a car and he’s stayed behind on a darkened road with a dying woman until more help could arrive. With that being said, we wouldn’t be surprised if he did something crazy in order to do his job. Now exactly what he and Mario will do is unknown, but we are looking forward to this episode because it’s been awhile since Mario has been out in the field. The first time that comes to mind is when Mario was on a building crane trying to save a worker’s life from 22 floors up in the air. Back then Mario was arrogant and the experience really helped him level himself. Now a few years later it will be interesting to see how we will tackle this new challenge.

What the promo doesn’t show us is what the rest of the doctors are facing back at the hospital. From the synopsis, fans will see Leanne trying to treat a brother and sister who drank boiling water while dealing with the fact that Max’s father wants him to stay away from Ariel. This should be a great storyline for Ariel and Leanne because it has the potential to once again show Ariel how much she means to Leanne. Leanne is more than likely going to take the sentiment from Max’s father personally and could go full on mom mode.

Overall, is it Wednesday yet?

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