When will Blue Bloods season 9 begin filming?

Blue Bloods season 9When will Blue Bloods season 9 begin filming again? We are in the summer, and in the midst of this offseason it is certainly understandable to have that question. While filming may not be the equivalent of having new episodes, at least you have the satisfaction of knowing that there are stories being crafted and they will be on the air before too long. Unfortunately, we are just not at that point just yet.

So when will we be? It’s not too far in the distant future. Based on when filming started both for season 7 as well as season 8, it is fair to expect that come the second week in July, the majority of the Blue Bloods cast and crew will be back at work crafting new episodes again. Obviously, the cast is not going to be working over the Fourth of July, and it makes sense for them to be back at some point after that.

As for precisely what the cast is going to be working on, it seems pretty darn clear that there are some exciting things in the works. That’s especially true if you are a fan of Jamie and Eddie after the two became engaged at the end of this past season. You get a chance now to see what they are like as a couple looking forward to their future together. As for Danny, he may have an opportunity to better see what his own future holds and examine that a little more up-close-and-personal than he did for season 8.

One of the things that makes everything a little more tricky for all of the characters is the idea that there is likely a time jump from the end of this past season to the start of the new one. That is something, after all, that Blue Bloods has a tendency to do leading into the start of each season. The reason for that is it just makes sense for Blue Bloods to be set largely in real time, so that the characters age at the same point as people do in life. Also, that allows the show to be even more timely and relevant. We imagine that by the time Blue Bloods returns Jamie and Eddie will have been in a romantic relationship for at least a reasonable amount of time.

Remember now that Blue Bloods Season 9 will premiere on CBS in September.

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