Dietland episode 3 review: The dangers of going cold turkey

DietlandOne of the things that we’ve learned through the first few episodes of Dietland is that this is a show about changes — both good and bad, normal and also complicated.

For Plum, what we saw over the course of this episode was her journey of recovery — namely, her trying to go cold-turkey when it comes to her anti-depressant medication. This was the first time in years she has been off them and because of that, the aftereffects were all sorts of severe. This is an episode that brought you tigers, apartment fashion shows, and her exploring everything from fantasies to insecurities. (We do think that thwarting Kitty is something that is still on her mind.)

Ultimately, though, the biggest thing that the withdrawals did was just make her sick and have her struggling when it comes to her memory. She had to get on the other side of this and continue her journey, while also dealing with some other problems … whether it be dealing with abuse or being a possible target in an investigation. She also got an impromptu visit from her mother, who she apparently called a number of different times in the midst of her haze. Her mother was concerned that Plum was joining a cult — after all, why let someone else control her?

Ultimately, though, the closing minutes of the episode showed why Dietland is a story with so much potential and why Joy Nash is so great in the lead role — she made it clear why she wanted to change her life so badly and why, despite what everyone else sees when it comes to her appearance, she feels something different. There’s external perception, and then there is what you see within yourself. This episode explored that wonderfully — while also showing Kitty freaking out over not being able to have her Fashion Week showcase. Suffice it to say, this was an episode of dramatic extremes at times.

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CarterMatt Verdict

The best thing about Dietland is that it’s a show that challenges you — there’s so much subtext, power struggle, and also internal debate that it makes you stop and think. It’s a different breed of the show in the summer and while we do think there’s still a need to round out the supporting cast further, we appreciate what this show is doing more so than any other.

Now, one of the questions that you’re left to wonder — provided that you don’t know that much about the source material — is how far we will see Plum go, and then also what this journey ends up doing to her in the process.

What did you think about Dietland episode 3 overall, and were there any elements of this story that legitimately excited you? Share right now in the attached comments!

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