Supergirl season 3 episode 22 review: Journey to the center of the Earth

Supergirl season 3 episode 22Tonight, Supergirl season 3 episode 22 promised to kick off an epic showdown, one with Kara on one side and Selena on the other. She was the one pulling the strings on the Worldkillers and tonight, more of her true plan was revealed.

Does Reign bring about the destruction of the world? Sure, but not how you would think. Rather than just wrecking havoc herself, she’s almost a conduit to the world destroying itself. Her actions lead to eruptions and a whole lot more within the realm of natural disasters. Kara learned about both of this off-earth, while Samantha back on Earth starting to feel progressively weaker. Her cells were weakening while Reign was getting stronger. There were more concerns as the episode went along, especially when it started to become all the more clear that Selena and her people were getting ever closer to finding her.

By the time that some of these evil Krptonians arrived on Earth to recreate Reign and ensure that a new-world order was established, the DEO was as prepared as they could be give, given of course that Supergirl was trapped and unable to make it back. We certainly saw what may be the most badass moment for Alex ever as she dropped kick two of her adversaries at the same exact time.

Right when the tide started to turn against Alex and company, Supergirl did manage to find her way, and with a little bit of help at the same time. She had Alura (sporting the outfit above) and Mon-El with her and that could be enough to help her … at least for now.

Was there a way to stop Selena?

It was complicated, but much of it seemed to be stemmed from watching her try to get Reign back and if there was a way to power up Sam in order to keep anything from happening. One of the ways in which to do that was by throwing Sam back into the same realm she was in earlier this season to get a full understanding of what was happening. The Worldkillers were trying to power up Reign (so she could travel into the Earth’s core and obliterate it) at the same time Lena was trying to power up her. She is doing her best, but as the episode ended we saw the world begin to terraform. Everything was starting to be destroyed, and that seems to be the cliffhanger at the end of the season.

Most predictable death

After Selena got help from help, Thomas Coville’s time was done. How did that due not see this coming? They really didn’t need him when the dust settled.

Goodbye, M’yrnn?

J’onn’s father tonight was ready to accept his death, even if that was not something necessarily that J’onn himself was ready for until the end of this past episode. He finally got on board more in the closing minutes of that episode.

Tonight, we saw the transfer of memories begin and it was a very taxing, emotional struggle for him. Yet, before the two finished, it was clear that the world needed both of them and their goodbye would have to be prolonged. He is ready to sacrifice himself for the good of the planet and that may be what this story comes to.

CarterMatt Verdict

Supergirl season 3 episode 22 showed itself to be a very entertaining hour of television for many different reasons, especially in terms of combining action and some emotional character drama. We still don’t think this season needed to be anywhere near as complicated as it is but there was something very nice about seeing Alura and Alex meet for the first time.

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