Fear the Walking Dead season 4: Is Madison alive in the present?

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Is Madison alive in the present on Fear the Walking Dead season 4? That’s a question that we know many people had going into the episode airing on AMC tonight. To go along with that, here’s another: Is Kim Dickens leaving the show? She’s been a part of the series from the beginning.

In the early going, one thing that we did get a chance to learn is that Althea and Madison actually met each other in the past! Who doesn’t love getting a sprinkling of new information here and there? Given everything that has happened in the present with Althea, it’s fair to wonder why we haven’t gotten more information on that subject.

Around the 40-minute mark of the episode tonight, it was clear that the show’s producers really wanted you to think that Madison was a goner for sure. After all, this is what Alicia believed! While Alicia said this, though, there is another thing that you have to remember here in that we haven’t exactly seen a dead body. Given that we have seen plenty of other fake-outs on The Walking Dead franchise over the years, anything is possible.

Elsewhere within this episode, we also got a good sense of why Madison wanted to reside at the stadium in the first place and why she felt it was so important to help other people — it’s something that had been done for her in the past and she wanted to pay that forward.

Time for answers

Eventually, we finally flashed back to the time of the precise stadium incident, one that was violent, fiery, dangerous, and pretty much everything in between. We learned in here that Madison tried to stop the attack within the stadium and there was nothing that could be done in order to stop them. Madison felt a tremendous sense of guilt that everyone she brought in could end up dying in the attack.

Madison ended up trying to do a last-ditch attack in order to save the lives of others — let’s just say that there was a lot of fire involved. She was able to get a lot of people out but, in the process, it seemed as though she was going to be stuck inside. Basically, she trapped herself in an effort to ensure that everyone else could make it out okay. She tried to escape but it just didn’t happen.

So technically, nobody saw her die, but judging from the way in which we saw her drop the flare and the stadium was seemingly put ablaze, it made sense to think that was indeed gone. This entire sequence of recounting what happened was beautifully done, but even still we’re not 100% certain that she’s actually gone. (Most sites are reporting that she is gone, so for now, we are unfortunately going to go with that as the answer.)

Update: Madison is in fact gone, at least judging from Dickens’ post on social media below.

In the end, this episode of Fear the Walking Dead was absolutely entertaining, but it also did really take its time giving us information. Was all of this worth the wait? We feel like that is going to be something that is certainly up for some interpretation.

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