The Resident season 2: Work already underway behind the scenes

The Resident

The Resident season 2 may not be premiering on Fox until you get around to the fall, but we do come bearing some good news. After all, the writers room is already at work creating some new stories!

For some more verification of the specific thing, all you have to do is look at the Twitter image below via show writer and executive producer Amy Holden Jones. What the writers are doing right now is it complicated array of things. Obviously, they are getting scripts together and ideas for the first few episodes of the season, but of course beyond that they’re framing arcs and figuring out where things will go in the long-term. When writing television, you have to figure out both short-term and long-term goals that you want to achieve, that way you know precisely what you are building towards and how you want to get there.

Based on the end of The Resident season 1, it definitely appears as though the writers have many interesting avenues to explore. While Dr. Lane Hunter seems to be gone, is she really going to be forever? You have to wonder about that, and you also have to wonder about how much Dr. Bell’s ego is going to be inflated out of control after he took a lot of credit (which he did not deserve) for Dr. Hunter’s arrest and patted himself on the back profusely. This is the sort of thing that he is going to be extremely proud of to the surprise of virtually nobody.

On a more romantic note, it appears as though the relationship between Conrad and Nic is in a pretty good spot. Yet, we know better than to say that these two are going to be stable at any point in the near future. What they went through with Dr. Hunter probably bonds them together in the short-term, but there are more long-term issues that will likely be coming their way. There always will be when you are characters in this sort of high-stress environment.  Given that we are also still getting used to having the Raptor around, it should be interesting to see whether or not he stays around and also how much that character completely shakes up the dynamics of the hospital. He’s a fascinating guy in that he excels in medicine, but he completely tanks out when it comes to bedside manner.

One way or another, The resident has earned our faith based on everything that we saw in season 1 the hard part is just going to be waiting until fall.

What are you hoping to see on The Resident season 2? The let us know some of your thoughts and ideas and the comments!

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