Criminal Minds star defends FBI from real-life dectractors

Criminal MindsIt’s clear that in the current climate, it’s somehow even harder to be an FBI agent than in the past. There have always been times when the Bureau was under scrutiny, but that is somehow amplified further now just because the number of eyeballs that are planted on it by both the media and people in power. When you add to this the standard amount of danger that comes with the territory, it is that much clearer that this is not a particularly easy place to work.

We’ve certainly heard many defenses of the FBI as an organization over the years, but this latest one via the cast of Criminal Minds is certainly unique. While they may only play agents of TV, real agents do visit the set and the writers base some of the stories on cases that are out there. This is a show that tries to capture the life and work of a particularly intense unit of the Bureau.

Speaking on the subject of this organization recently via HollywoodLife, series regular Kirsten Vangsness (who plays Garcia) had the following to say:

“The integrity is palpable … I mean, smart and strong, the gun show, just the musculature on these people, and just to hear them talk about experiences that they’ve gone through and things that they’ve accomplished and what they’ve given of their life is extraordinarily brave.

“They actually look exactly like superheroes… We’re lucky to play them, but they’re really incredible people … It actually, it’s gotten my hackles up when I hear them getting a hard time.”

Part of the challenge for actors on any one of these shows is to capture both the heroism and the humanity. You want to be able to show everything that these people do to save others in need, while at the same time reminding you that they are still humans who bleed and suffer as much as anyone else. We do think that Criminal Minds succeeds in that — they’ve certainly created a dangerous situation for Vangsness’ Garcia based on the cliffhanger at the end of the season.

Interestingly enough, Criminal Minds is going to be joined this fall by another FBI series on CBS — one that just so happens to be titled, rather bluntly, FBI.

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