Code Black season 3: how will the newly cancelled series end?

Code Black LogoIt was a sad day when we learned that CBS had decided not to renew Code Black for a fourth season. With that said the writers will have to figure out a way to end the series in a way that answers some questions. So how should this beloved series end?

If fans can recall, Dr. Ethan Willis has been doing a ride along with a paramedic named Rox, Leanne has been juggling the life of a doctor and a mother, and the residents are adjusting to being mentors to the younger residents. In our opinion, the show has taken a smart and entertaining direction over the course of its three seasons, and we believe that due to the cancellation everything will be rushed to conclusion. Now we know that in order to attempt to tie everything in a nice neat bow, rushing the storytelling is necessary. So over the course of the last few episodes here’s what we want to see:

Leanne and Ariel officially become a family – At the end of Season 2 we saw that Leanne had made Ariel an official part of her life by giving Ariel her own room, and a normal routine. However, Leanne is still just Ariel’s legal guardian. What we want to see them officially become a family in the eyes of Ariel. Ariel sees Leanne as someone she can trust and feel safe with, but she still can’t completely see her as a mother figure. This is what we want to see, Ariel finally acknowledge Leanne has her mother or mother figure in her life. We know for a fact that Leanne sees Ariel as her child, because that’s how she introduces her to others. We also know that Leanne is waiting patiently for Ariel to do the same. Hopefully, we will get some closure on this.

Ethan and Rox – We honestly wish the writers had another season to explore this relationship. It’s obvious that there is chemistry between them and in the most recent episode it even seemed like Ethan was going to confess his feelings to Rox. We know the writers had much more in mind for this two characters and we are sad we won’t get to see their journey. However, we do hope that the writers find a way to give some closure.

The residents – The storylines revolving around each of the residents is entertaining and exciting. Seeing them each grow into the doctor they were always meant to be is a huge part of the overall direction of the show. So looking ahead to the final episodes we hope the writers have found a way to end their storylines in a fitting way that gives them justice.

Overall, we just want this series to end in a somewhat satisfying way that at least gives us a glimpse into what the writers had in store further down the line.

Code Black will air the 6 remaining episodes on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. on CBS. For more news related to Code Black, be sure to visit this link. 

This article was written by Samantha D’Amico. If you want to follow her on Twitter, you can do so at SAM_iamXO

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