Supergirl season 3: Three ways to move it back in positive direction

Supergirl season 3 episode 13There are only two episodes to go in Supergirl season 3 but based on where we are now, the series is in need of some major course correction. This started out, at least through the first sixteen or so episodes, as the best edition of the show to date in our mind. Then, the three Worldkillers left, Reign spent most of her time captured, and then we had the super-rushed Alura storyline thrown in here close to the end.

The good news is that we think there is still time to make things better, but there are a few simple things that the story needs to focus on to make that happen.

1. Bring Kara back to Earth (in more ways than one) – Obviously, this is going to happen anyway, but we just find the version of Krypton depicted on the series to be quite humorless. Also, the way that the Mon-El storyline was happening up there was far from ideal. Regardless of whether or not you ‘ship the two characters, there had to be a better way to bring them closer … right? If the writers were going back in the Kara / Mon-El direction we’d want A) the relationship with Imra to be over and B) it to not happen until season 4. Having a year of a romance-free Kara may have been a pipe dream, but we felt like the character needed that.

2. More of Kara and Alex working together – The Danvers sisters are the core of the show, and some of the best episodes are when they are working directly together. There just hasn’t been that much of that as of late and this is the way to really build up the emotional core again. While we’re at it, we also want more of Winn with the two of them since Jeremy Jordan hasn’t had much to do since Laurie Metcalf was around.

3. More showdowns with Reign – While we understand that Serena’s been around in some form most of the season, we’re not invested in her. We loved Reign as a Big Bad just because she was so devastatingly powerful, but over time it feels like that’s been whittled away more and we never got to see the full extent of her destruction. An epic hero needs and epic villain, and we’re not sure there is time for Serena to be it.

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