Blue Bloods season 9: How will Frank react to Jamie, Eddie long-term?

Blue Bloods season 9At the end of the season finale this May, there was that moment so many people were looking forward to seeing: The couple being getting engaged! As much as I LOVED that moment, there was some very-present discomfort on the part of Tom Selleck’s character. You could see almost immediately that there was a part of him uncomfortable with the idea of them working together while engaged … even if there was technically no rule against it.

As it turns out, some of this tension will continue for Jamko moving into season 9. Here’s what executive producer Kevin Wade had to say about it via TVLine:

“They want to continue riding together as partners, and he knows as a cop that it’s not necessarily a very good idea … so in the moment he’s like, ‘Well, I’m not going to spoil the moment here.’ But on the other hand, it weighs on him in terms of, ‘This is my son and my future daughter-in-law, but they’re also two cops who work for me, and I have to watch out for them in that sense.’ So, there’s some conflict, sure, and that’s part of what we’re going to deal with at the beginning of Season 9.”

While it’s always nice to think about a Jamko engagement as a perfect existence, I don’t want that — if the show ever presented that, it’d probably be boring over time. A big part of what makes the two characters so interesting is that they create conflict and have opinions. They stand up for what they believe in and so does Frank. It would be strange for him if he didn’t have some sort of strong opinion about his son getting engaged and working with his fiancée. This is just the way that he’s wired; he can come around eventually, but it make take some time.

What do you want to see for Jamie and Eddie coming up next on Blue Bloods season 9, and do you want to see Frank let go of some of his reservations? Be sure to share right away in the comments below!

(Photo: CBS.)

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