The Fosters series finale review: How did the story end?

The Fosters series finale could’ve gone a lot of different ways, but in the end we think that there is one word we can use to describe the ending: Hopeful. While it’s not as though the Adams Foster family will be stress-free for the remainder of their lives, they have found a future path for themselves that they find to be for the best.

For now, here’s where things seem to be shaping up for all of our main characters.

Callie – She’s going to be heading to Los Angeles, which we know because of her upcoming spin-off Good Trouble. She’s working under a conservative judge trying to enact change, and one of the things that we wonder now is simply this: Is Beau Mirchoff going to return as Jamie in the future? Given that they kissed in the finale and he is also in Los Angeles, it’s something that is worth some consideration. She also let Brandon go, realizing that Eliza is good for him so long as he stands up for himself.

Mariana – She’s also heading to Los Angeles to be a part of the tech industry, and we hope to go along with that she leaves much of the romantic drama of the past behind. She needs to start fresh — she will still have Callie at her side, so she does have a good bit of support.

Brandon – After a pep talk with Callie he decided that he was ready and willing to fight to continue to be with Eliza. As a result of that, he was willing to sign the prenuptial agreement provided that he also wasn’t forced to live in their gifted Santa Monica home and had fewer expectations put upon him. Eliza loves him and doesn’t care; meanwhile, we do think her parents came around. Ultimately, we do appreciate The Fosters showing that Eliza’s parents were more openminded in this episode than they are first came across, offering to hook up Lena with some Democratic donors in the event that she wanted to run for State Assembly.

Lena and Stef – While they are no longer serving as foster parents, Lena did decide to pursue politics — even if that meant moving out and selling the longtime house famous on the show. They’ve got an exciting future ahead for them in this field where they can fight for real change.

Jude – He admitted to Lena and Stef that he needed more support, and that he was on the verge of flunking out of college after starting to struggle in that environment. They were supporting of him, though he does need to change.

Jesus – Finally, we’re going to see him embarking on more of his own path to find himself. He and Emma love each other, but they need to take some time to figure out who they are as people. We do think, in the end, that they will come back together.

CarterMatt Verdict

A beautiful and touching way to conclude a series after a fantastic run on the air. The Fosters brought your way this year virtually everything that we could have possibly wanted from start to finish. While we would’ve loved to have more than just a three-part finale, sometimes you have to work with the cards dealt to you. This is one of those cases.

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